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Get Zero $ Down Solar Today!

Don’t Fall For Those Annoying Leases. We have a better plan. Finance your solar panels locally and save big Dollars in the long run. Plus you get to keep the tax credits. Invest in solar for your family and the Aina. You’re already giving HECO thousands each year. Let’s use that money to pay for your solar installation. Our exclusive partnership with Aloha Pacific Federal Credit Union allows us to offer you the homeowner the best in low interest solar financing. We offer a complete range of solar solutions from turnkey solar P.V systems, solar water heating, integrated financing, solar repair to engineering services. Now’s the time to go solar with the best solar guys on the Island. Our plan includes an eco friendly lifestyle and in the end you own the panels and the power they produce. Most solar projects pay for themselves in 3 to 7 years.

Whether you are interested in installing a solar water heating system, photovoltaic solar panels, EV charging station, solar carport, solar lighting, solar pool heating or a solar attic fan, we will provide you with a free consultation and assessment of what is best for your home. Looking for battery back up systems? We got ’em! Mahalo for your business. Join Us on Twitter @GiantSolarLLC for the latest solar news and technology!

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Giant Solar an established contractor on Oahu Hawaii. With a 25 Year panel Warranty, 25 Year Enphase Inverter warranty & Giant’s 10 Year labor warranty solar has never been easier. Most installations take about 2 to 5 days and will involve 2 to 4 skilled solar technicians. Ask About Our Local Solar PhotoVoltaic Loan.